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Teeth Whitening Tampere

Teeth whitening is a quick and easy procedure that whitens your teeth and makes your smile beautiful!

Teeth whitening is the final part of dental care which finalizes a beautiful and radiant smile. Teeth whitening is visible immediately, but the whitening continues for another few days after the procedure.

Teeth whitening with laser

Laser whitening is a whitening procedure carried out at the clinic and the result is visible immediately. Teeth whitening done at the clinic is always under a professional’s responsibility and control. Laser whitening is now proven to be the most effective and tooth-friendly light activated teeth whitening method.

The result of teeth whitening differs from one person to another and it cannot be compared between teeth or predict beforehand. Before the whitening, it is good to know that tooth fillings, laminates, dental bridges or tooth crowns do not whiten during the whitening.

You will receive clear self-care directions from a professional at the appointment, which are recommended to be followed closely as they guarantee a better result.