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Dental Extraction

The dentist will always primarily try to save your tooth. However, in some instances when too much tooth tissue has been lost, the infection is no longer treatable or it has not healed despite being treated, the tooth may have to be extracted.

How is the tooth extracted?

Before tooth extraction, an X-ray is taken to find out the tooth’s anatomy. The tooth is numbed before the procedure. Tooth extraction can be done entirely painlessly. The duration of the procedure is generally from a few minutes to half an hour.

Wisdom tooth extraction

The need to extract wisdom teeth is evaluated individually. Wisdom teeth are extracted also as a preventive measure and extraction is often recommended. The best suited timing for a wisdom tooth extraction is before the root of the tooth has fully developed. There are individual differences but generally it happens between the ages of 18 and 23. The bone around the wisdom teeth hardens as one ages and therefore the younger the patient is when the procedure is performed, the faster the healing and the smaller the risks involved in the procedure.

The need of tooth extraction is evaluated in dental examination

The treatment need of a damaged tooth is always carefully evaluated in dental examination. In the examination we plan the best possible treatment method for your needs and give you an estimation of the treatment schedule and cost.

Dental extraction is always the last choice in dental care. Regular dental examinations help to notice possible dental problems early and that way dental extractions can more likely be avoided.