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Tooth Crowns & Bridges

Tooth crowns are the visible parts of teeth. Damaged tooth crowns can be replaced by attaching an artificial crown on a honed tooth. Also incomplete tooth rows can be refilled with tooth bridges. Tooth crowns and bridges enable to build an intact and flawless tooth row.

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How are tooth crowns and bridges made?

With dental laminates, only the visible surface of the tooth is honed whereas with tooth crowns, the whole tooth is honed. After the treatment, tooth crowns and bridges are taken care of in the same manner as one’s own teeth. Tooth crowns can also get cavities in the gumline so they should be brushed twice a day and dental floss should be used. Just like your own teeth, the better you take care of ceramic structures, the longer they last, possible even for the rest of your life.

With the direct technique, a filling is prepared directly in the patient’s mouth generally using composite plastic. A filling made with the indirect technique is otherwise prepared in the same manner as fillings prepared with the direct technique, but the filling is prepared outside the patient’s mouth. A replica is taken from the shaped tooth either with casting agents using traditional methods, or the tooth can be scanned using an intraoral camera.

With the help of the replica, a permanent filling that is perfectly suited for the shape of the tooth is prepared in the dental laboratory or with a CAD/CAM and it is attached to the tooth with dental cement. Helmiäinen dental clinic uses a CAD/CAM of brand-new technology with which a ceramic filling can be prepared during the same appointment.

In choosing the material for the filling, the durability, cost and aesthetics of the filling must be considered. We will discuss the different options and costs with you and choose the best treatment option for your individual needs.