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Soda Cleaning of Teeth Tampere

Soda cleaning or officially powder polishing is the intensive cleaning of the teeth. Powder polishing is not teeth whitening as such, but the teeth become brighter and shinier. After the powder polishing, the teeth have a pleasantly slippery and clean feel

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How is soda cleaning of teeth done?

The powder polisher removes the biofilm, external plaque and discolouration painlessly, safely and efficiently using water and air pressure as well as powder. It is an excellent part of maintenance treatment of gum diseases.

Before powder polishing, possible calculus must be removed from the surfaces of the teeth so that your teeth can get the maximum benefit out of the powder polishing.

After the powder polishing it is good to avoid food and drink that can stain the teeth, as well as tobacco products, for three hours because the protective bacterial coating (pellicle) has been removed from the surface of the teeth and it replaces itself after approximately three hours.