Hammaslääkäriasema Helmiäinen

Dental Center Helmiäinen

Your Local Dentist at Tampere

Emergency Dental Care

Our emergency dental care reception will assist you in acute tooth issues every day from Monday to Saturday.

“Super friendly dental office. Had my first filling here by Päivi Pelkonen. I have a really big fear of dentists overall but she was understanding and put my mind at ease, explaining all the steps as she went through them.” – Customer feedback

Versatile and individual dental care

You are always served by our knowledgeable staff when you call Helmiäinen. We put our heart into our work to ensure the best oral health for you.

We have dental hygienist, general dentist and dental specialist services available at our clinic. Our clinic also offers modernistic imaging services in order to achieve the best possible treatment outcome. The clinic does not take a separate office fee.

As a local service provider, we have favoured Finnish products whenever possible and we cooperate with local entrepreneurs. We favour the use of Finnish services and products in our operations and primarily use Finnish dental care units, instruments and imaging units.

Our clinic warmly welcomes you!

Professional dentists and dental hygienists in your service in the center of Tampere

Dental Center Helmiäinen is an independent, private dental clinic owned by its personnel located in the center of Tampere. Helmiäinen offers simple, reliable and high-quality oral health care.

We offer overall dental care – from examinations to a sparkling smile, all the way to even the most demanding dental treatments. We execute an individual treatment program for every client based on careful examination.