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Calculus Removal Tampere

Calculus is hardened plaque from the microbes in the mouth which does not go away by brushing the teeth. Calculus removal or mechanical cleaning of the teeth should be done regularly because calculus inflames and irritates the gums.

Calculus removal is generally done with an ultrasonic scaler and manual tools. Calculus removal should not be painful. If necessary, local anaesthesia can be used.

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What is calculus?

Calculus is formed by the calcium compounds in saliva, most often near the salivary glands which are around the upper molars and the lower anterior.

Calculus is formed in addition to the free surfaces of the teeth in the periodontal pockets under the gums where it can be difficult to notice. An untreated gingivitis and calculus can cause periodontitis which is an inflammatory disease that destroys the periodontal tissue of the teeth. Calculus is also formed on implants and prostheses.

How can I prevent calculus?

In treating the periodontal tissue, good tools for self-care and correct, successful self-care at home are vitally important. Teeth should be brushed and the tooth gaps cleaned carefully twice a day.

Our knowledgeable staff will show you the correct brushing technique and the correct tools for cleaning between the teeth.