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Dentures & dental prostheses

Missing teeth can be replaced by fixed and removable dental prostheses. Fixed prostheses include dental bridges and implants. Removable prostheses are all those prostheses that the patient can remove on their own.

Dentures are made based on replicas taken by the dentist and they are meant to be placed in the mouth and to be removed by the patient, which is why they are called removable prostheses. Therefore a removable prosthesis is not attached to the teeth rigidly, but the remaining teeth are utilised to increase the permanence (retention) of the prosthesis. It is important for dentists who make removable prostheses to understand occlusal forces and the movements they cause when planning effective prostheses.

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Removable prostheses can roughly be divided into three categories:

  • Total prosthesis of toothless jaw complete denture which is prepared into a completely toothless jaw. The material of the prosthesis is acrylic plastic. A complete prosthesis that does not stay attached well can be made into a fixed prosthesis if two or more dental implants are installed in the jaw which the prosthesis rests on with buttons.
  • Partial denture, which is prepared into a jaw that still has teeth. The material of the prosthesis is acrylic plastic. A partial denture is the most affordable option to replace several missing teeth but the permanence of the prosthesis in the mouth is not as good as with metal frame dental prosthesis
  • Metal frame dental prosthesis, which is prepared into a jaw that still has teeth. Prosthesis has a metal frame with the help of which the prosthesis is tightly attached in its place using the teeth as support. Metal frame dental prosthesis is more expensive than the partial denture but its permanence and functionality are better.

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