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Pain management

Facial or jaw pain can stem from a variety of sources. Effective management of such pain demands extensive experience and specialized expertise. The root causes might include muscle tension, jaw joint issues, or infections spreading from teeth. Occasionally, facial or jaw pain can become chronic and persist over time. Patients might find themselves consulting numerous clinics without identifying a definitive cause or effective treatment. If this happens, it’s essential not to battle the pain alone but rather to collaborate with a pain management specialist.

We are equipped to treat all kinds of pain, including chronic and neuropathic facial pain.

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Sudden facial or jaw pain

The causes of sudden facial or jaw pain can be found in the teeth, oral mucosa, chewing muscles, jaw joints, or tension in the neck. Typically, sudden inflammatory pain is treated at a dentist’s or doctor’s office. Basic treatments for chewing muscle and jaw joint issues include anti-inflammatory medications, bite guards, and exercises for jaw movement and relaxation.

Chronic Facial Pain

Most chronic facial pains are related to muscle and jaw joint issues. Treating these muscle and joint-derived pains may require a specialist dentist and sometimes even a pain specialist. Treatments for prolonged jaw joint pain and symptoms include surgical interventions such as joint injections, arthroscopy, and in severe cases, open surgery. Chronic muscle pain in the jaw area is managed through physiotherapeutic treatments, massage, relaxation therapies, laser treatment, and medication.

Some facial pains have a neural damage background. Nerve damage pain is typically intense and shock-like, lasting for seconds or minutes, and seldom continuously longer.

The most well-known nerve-related pain condition is trigeminal neuralgia. However, it is relatively rare and does not involve nerve damage. In contrast, pain conditions similar to trigeminal neuralgia are much more common. Such pain might occur after a tooth extraction or in a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment.

No matter what type of facial or jaw pain you are experiencing, do not hesitate to get in touch—we are here to help.