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Occupational Dental Care

High-Quality Occupational Dental Care in Tampere

Occupational dental care enhances the well-being of your employees, rewarding and engaging them. The health of the mouth and teeth significantly impacts overall health and general well-being. Regular dental care prevents various health issues and reduces the risk of acute dental problems, thereby decreasing absenteeism due to illness among your employees.

Dental Clinic Helmiäinen is an independent, employee-owned private dental clinic located in the heart of Tampere. We provide comprehensive dental services, from oral health assessments to the treatment of the most challenging dental issues, available evenings and weekends as well.

We serve our occupational health clients in the Tampere area with straightforward and reliable service. Thanks to our central location and flexible service hours, your employees can use their time more efficiently, and absences due to dental appointments are minimized.

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Why Should You Offer Occupational Dental Care to Your Employees?

Cost Savings

Providing occupational dental care to employees can be financially advantageous for employers:

– It is fully deductible as a business expense in taxation.
– It provides a tax-free benefit to employees that retains its value.
– It reduces costs over time due to the prevention of dental issues and the provision of regular, high-quality care.
– It decreases the number of sick leaves, thereby enhancing productivity.

Engage and Reward

Occupational dental care serves as:

– A distinguishing factor and competitive advantage even during recruitment.
– A way to foster a positive corporate image.
– An equitable method of rewarding employees that has a long-lasting impact.

Tailored Occupational Dental Care Plans for Your Business

We design comprehensive occupational dental care plans and contracts tailored to each company’s specific needs. You can choose to limit the contract to certain services or set an employee-specific maximum cost for a designated period. We can bill the company directly, or alternatively, employees can pay the bill themselves and later reclaim the costs from the company.

Occupational dental care is fully deductible as a business expense in taxation. To qualify for this deduction, there must be a written agreement between the company and the service provider detailing the scope of services provided. Additionally, according to the Tax Administration, the benefit must be customary and reasonable, equally available to all staff, with the exception of any restrictions related to the minimum duration of employment. In some cases, companies may also be eligible for Kela reimbursement for dental services, further reducing costs.

Feel free to contact us to discuss a service model that suits your business!

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