Hammaslääkäriasema Helmiäinen

Suu- ja leukakirurgi hammaslääkäri Ville Männistö Tampere

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I graduated as a dentist from the University of Oulu in 2009. I began specialising in oral and maxillofacial surgery in 2011 in Turku University Hospital. I have also worked in Päijät Häme Central Hospital and in oral and maxillofacial surgery units in Helsinki University Central Hospital. I have already completed all practical services needed for specialisation in oral and maxillofacial surgery but I have yet to finish the required studies in medicine which I am currently doing in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Helsinki. Along with my specialisation studies, I am writing a dissertation and my first article deals with the 3D design of the fundus fracture plate and successful positioning in connection with fracture repair. I have previously worked as a private dentist in Koskident Tampere and in Hammaspulssi Turku.

My specialty is oral and maxillofacial surgery (bone grafts, dental implants, wisdom teeth, tooth extractions, oral mucosal patients etc.). I also do ordinary dental care, including aesthetic care (laminates, crowns, bridges, etc.), filling treatment (comprehensive dental care, care under anaesthesia) and emergency care (swelling, accidents etc.).

I spent my childhood in the outdoor ice skating rinks of Tasentaa and Olkahinen playing ice hockey (Tappara). I attended a Classical middle school and the sports programme in Sammon keskuslukio high school after that. After ice hockey did not become my career, I ended up studying in Oulu. After graduating as a dentist I returned to Tampere for two years, working in Acuta as an attending dentist and in Koskident in the private sector. Due to my specialisation I have worked in many cities around Finland and through Pori, Turku and Lahti I have ended up in Helsinki. However, returning to Tampere became relevant and I eagerly joined in on starting a dentist-owned clinic.

You are very welcome to our new clinic!