Hammaslääkäriasema Helmiäinen

Hammaslääkäri Päivi Pelkonen Tampere

I am from Valkeakoski. I graduated as a dentist from the University of Oulu in 2002 as a classmate of Miikka Åhlman. After graduating I worked in Tornio for a year but after having spent six years in Northern Finland I wanted to return back home. I settled in Tampere and I have been working as a dentist in the private sector since 2003, for example in Koskident.

In my job I strive to give patients friendly, careful, painless and safe treatment. I consider everyone’s individual wishes and treat patients of all ages. Patients with fear are especially welcome. I cooperate with several experts and dental specialists at our clinic.

My specialty through years of experience is comprehensive oral health care, ceramic fillings, occlusal splints, diseases of the periodontal tissue, fibre-reinforced bridges, root canal treatment and aesthetic dental care.

Old and new patients are welcome!