Hammaslääkäriasema Helmiäinen

Erikoishammaslääkäri suuradiologi Antti Lehtinen Tampere

I am originally from Tampere and I graduated as a dentist from the University of Turku in 2013. I completed specialisation training in oral radiology in Tampere in 2016-2019. Before my specialisation I have worked as a dentist at the health centre and as a manager in Mänttä-Vilppula and Parkano. In my current position I work as a dental specialist of oral radiology in the S-Imaging Department of Tampere University Hospital. My specialty is analysing the imaging of the face, jaw and teeth area. I am very interested in a professional sense in computer-aided surgery planning and medical 3D printing. In my job, I consider myself to be an important part of the treatment as a whole where the best possible treatment for the patient is based on successful diagnostics.

My interest in medicine stems from my early childhood years. I watched Once Upon a Time… Life that had been recorded on VHS cassettes over and over again. I was also very interested in reading anatomy textbooks that we had at home. I remember being interested in skeletons and especially in skulls already at that time. The structure of the heart and the flaps grabbed the small boy’s interest. However, I did not start studying dentistry straight after high school. After completing the military service, my passion for military aviation and technology led me to the cadets’ leadership programme in the air force. I completed a bachelor’s degree in military sciences. The military education and studying in the highest educational institution of leadership I became an officer and a polite gentleman. However, I did not feel as though I had yet found the right path for my career and the ever-growing interest in medicine and in academic manual work led me to study dentistry.

You will likely not meet me at an appointment in Helmiäinen but in connection with an X-ray report I will meet almost all our patients in a 2D or 3D form.